Frontier Brain Lulelia

Character Name: Lulelia

Character Description: Lulelia (a 20 year old women) is a evolution stone fanatic. Her family runs a shop for the stones in Sinnoh and her entire team is of pokemon that evolve that way. Shes very outgoing but also very caring towards people and pokemon. She has long brown hair and blue eyes and is around 5’'6. She always has some sort of hairpiece that holds a shiny stone on her forehead. She wears a long light blue dress with transparent sleeves. And she loves some nice black heels. She knows everything there is to know about evolution stones and always has some on her in case any trainer needs some. But even so she tends to focus on her collection and knowledge, she is very good at battling. She always prepares a strategy ahead of time and works very well with her pokemon.

Pokémon on Team:

Battle Frontier Facility Style (of the 4 choices listed on rules.):
Battle Pyramid - Mainly because of its use of items on each floor seems to be a good fit for Lulelia

Art/Design Examples (If any): (I just did a quick sketch to mainly show her hairpiece and hairstyle)

Cool entry, nice drawing!

Congratulations for your winning submission into the contest!

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