First Time Story Playthrough Team

Hi everyone,

I’ve been really enjoying Insurgence since it was recommended to me a few days ago. I really do like how challenging the game is, but I read somewhere that the AI pokemon used by trainers, gym leaders and other bosses are built like competitive teams and I know next to nothing about competitive pokemon.

I recently (struggled) to beat Damian on the way to the third gym and I was so frustrated I decided to come to the forums for help with my team.

Magneton @ Magnet
Level 42

Tri Atttack
Thunder Wave
Flash Cannon

Lucario @ Nothing
Naughty/Inner Focus
Level 42

Work Up
Bone Rush
Aura Sphere
Force Palm

D. Charizard @ Nothing
Brave/Spirit Call
Level 42

Dragon Breath
Flame Charge
Frost Breath
Shadow Ball

D. Muk @ Soft Sand
Level 42

Rock Smash
Mud Bomb

D. Scyther @ Nothing
Level 44

Icicle Crash
Low Sweep
False Swipe

Empoleon @ Nothing
Level 42

Aqua Jet
Bubble Beam

Any help or advice on what changes I should make based on the Pokemon I can get based on my story progress would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

What difficulty are you playing on? I’m assuming hard since your level is close to the cap…
By the way, there are Leftovers on an interactable Floatzel in a building northwest of the Pokécenter in Midnatown. (essential held item)
I’d start with Muk who can defeat the sash Infernape in one hit, then switch to Lucario to take on Crawdaunt (assuming your playing on switch mode).
Then I think Damian would send his Blastoise out next, hopefully, survive a hit, and 2HKO it. (or switch into Scyther for a revenge kill if Lucario doesn’t make it)
Or I could send you a Choice band for Lucario, which may one-shot Blastoise with a Force Palm.
I think you are able to do the rest.

Hi Revan, thanks for responding! I am currently playing on Normal and I was able to beat Damian. Thank you for your help and advice. Do you have any recommendations about my team in general? Who I should switch out or switch in?

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I wouldn’t keep the same team throughout the entire game, rather have a variety of different types and good abilities (like Intimidate, immunity abilities like Volt Absorb, etc.)
It’s not difficult to keep their levels up as long as you have money, because of the level trainer in the secret base.
I’d also recommend looking into a bit of EV-training, which powers your Pokémon up immensely!
Check the wiki for held items you can find in different places, like a Life Orb in Helios City. (look straight into the Item section to avoid spoilers)


Well, uh, D. Muk is good, drop Bulldoze for Toxic and Rock Smash for Rock Slide and Mud Bomb for Stealth Rock. D. Scyther should run Icicle Crash, Close Combat, Hone Claws, and a physical dark move like Night Slash or Flase Swipe can be good for catching mons. Otherwise, Ice Shard or Mach Punch are great options. I’d drop Magneton, Lucario, and Empoleon to get Gyarados, Delta Roserade (Shadow Dance), and Scizor/Excadrill. Delta Roserade pairs well with M. D. Charizard’s Noctem giving it a speed and power boost.

Thank you for the advice, ezla! Is there somewhere else I can obtain the Delta Budew besides the Library?

I could breed one if you’d like

Really? That would be awesome! Thank you!

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Would you prefer to have a Sweeper or a Tanky Healer?

Got these real quick:

Hi Revan,

Man they both look awesome! The Shadow Dance mon would be the one I choose, if that’s ok. Thank you so much! I’m currently at work but I’ll drop a message here as soon as I get home.

Hi @Revan_Noct

I’m home from work and ready to trade, if you are. Is there a pokemon you’d like in return?

I don’t want anything really, just let me know your time zone when you’re able to trade. I’m in CET.

I still got them, just letting you know. Tell me when you have time