Fakemon names ( help please)

Hi, this is my 1st post.

I’m trying to come up with some names for starter pokemon. for the fire starter, it goes from a calf, to a bull, then to a minotaur. The grass starter goes from a colt/foaly, to a horse, then a pegasus. The water starter isn’t being focused on yet.
For the fire starter, I’ve decided on Bullaze and Infernitaur for the middle and final stages, but am stuck on the 1st stage’s name. Any ideas?


thanks. Any ideas for the grass starter? I haven’t started naming any of it’s stages yet.

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I kinda think its better for a Pegasus to be a water type

maybe water fairy for final evo

I’m trying not to have too many overlapping types with official starters, and having starters with incineroar and primarina’s typings falls into that category.

also I was planning on having a water/fairy dolphin

do you have an idea as to where the region is going to be based off? bc you may be able to pull from local fauna with the grass type/ water type

it’s based on Greece. So far, I’ve decided on Mythros as the name.

so how about Evershush for the grass starter? It’s not really creative from me but it’s evergreen and pegasus evergree and shrub. It could also have a more quiet disposition with “shush” in it’s name along with it’s mythical status

or maybe a name that relates to Dionysus/grape vines or maybe even have the grass/water typing as pegasus are related to Poseidon along with levitate as an ability and have it’s name be everdrench

do you have anything for the 1st form? It’s a colt/foaly

I was thinking maybe foalbound foal and earthbound (as it can’t fly) but I’m not sure if the name (besides the foal part) would fit more with the middle evo

so far, I have nothing for the 1st form, Horshrub for the 2nd, and Evershush for the final form

how about Hyathoal? It’s a mix of Hyacinth and foal
although admittedly it’s all that I could come up with on the fly

grass and foaly lol

How’s this:
Pyrox, Bullaze, Infernitaur
Growly, Horshrub, Evershush

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cool. btw what is this for?

a fan game I’m trying to make. Not really planning to release it to the public, but I still need names for the fakemon.

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fun fact I am Greek lmaooo