EV training spots

So I got an idea, why don’t we get together and compile a list of routes or caves and whatnot that are good spots to train specific EV’s?

I know there’s an EV trainer, but it costs 1300 every time, and I don’t think that’s worth it when you could get the same from wild Pokemon for free.

I also had a search through the forums and nothing on this was found.

I can start this off with HP, a good spot for that is by simply using the Level Trainer. However if you don’t want to get overleveled a decent spot is shade forest, it has Caterpie and Nidoran F and they appear quite often.

As of yet I’m not at the second gym, so I can’t really help out yet.

Thanks for reading, and I would like it if some people could help!

If you don’t want to use the EV Trainer, then the Friend Safari is probably best. Check out this link:

There might be other old reddit threads, if this one is not sufficent.

Also, you can buy EV enhancing items in the shop in Helios (Power Weight, Power Bracer, …) to speed things up.

Ok thanks, however finding safaris can be tedious.

That’s what the link is for. It already collected useful Friend Safaris to Ev train.

yeah theres just lists online its not hard to find, just find one that applies

Ok nevermind then

I also uploaded the list on this Forum:

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