EV Trainer/Training

So I’m no expert but I get the gist of EV training. I was EV training my dratini (252 attack, 252 Sp. Def. and 4 Hp) and using the EV trainer in the secret base. I got 252 attack EVs and half way through my Sp. Def EVs when I read about and started using the friend safari. However when my Dratini leveled up, it’s stats did not seem to increase accordingly (it had not lvled up before because the EV trainer Pokemon only give 2exp). I finsihed EV training the dratini but it never got that boost in stats. I am under the impression, it should get that boost right away and not over the course of leveling up. Is that wrong? Did I do something wrong? Hope this post made sense and any help would be appreciated.

Insurgence uses the Gen V EV mechanics where EV boosts are applied at the end of a battle instead of after a Pokemon levels up.

Another thing, when you’re EV training use these friend safaris instead of the EV trainer. It saves money and it’s much faster.

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Oh Okay, makes sense. Thank you

Thank you!