Ev Trainer Tiers

I dont seem to understand the concept of ev trainers and their different tiers. In the insurgence wiki it said that after I beat the fourth gym there would be a t2(tier 2) ev trainer but, when i went back into the secretbase and looked for a ev trainer t2 it wasn’t there and also tried talking to the same ev trainer but wasnt any different. Can anyone figure out how i can find ev trainer t2?

I’m not really sure as I’ve never used the EV trainer myself, but I can recommend a much cheaper alternative:

Friend safaris are free and easy to use (all mons are lvl 12-18) and this guide also detail how many EVs you get from each mon in their safari.

Or you could search by the preferred EV in this guide and use the Pokemon Locations guide on the wiki to find the locations of those mons. I would recommend the first option though, as the levels of the mons that give 3 EVs tends to be higher (40-80 range),

Hope this helps!



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Pretty sure you have to buy the tier 2 EV trainer with the Tablet; same with T3. I’m not sure if it automatically updates or if you need to delete/replace the old one.

I’ll try… or just use the friend safari thanks though

You’re welcome!