Egglocke Team

Currently my team is


Delta Larvesta Defiant, Delta Beldum Sturdy, Delta Frogadier Steadfast, Delta Bulbasaur Psycho Call, Shiny Delta Squirtle Shadow Call, Gastly Levitate

Who should I keep? Who should I dump? and what movesets for the ones I should keep?

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keep D. frog, d. bulb, shinies are required to keep, any almost no weakness’, and idk rest.
I’ll find some movesets or you can ask @PeterHolmes74 sorry for the ping.

I realised the shinies in egglockes arent random some eggs are set shinies so I dont mind dumping the squirtle

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well i never have done any egglockes so… yea sorry

to be honest i only know because i got a shiny delibird soft reset and got it again just to test it

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what is the squirtles nature? also are you doing a randomizer?

no randomizer just an egglocke and its quirky so no raised or lowered stats

quirky is fine. if you want you can keep it and just be careful of fairy battles until you get flash cannon

for fairy types larvesta comes out

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yea you have some great team synergy!

with d. larvesta and d. bulbasaur that already great synergy the rest are just good pokemon in general

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the beldum is bad so, don’t use it till it can learn something other than take down

it has double edge not take down because eeeeehhh egg moves but i wasnt planning on it but something that kind of sucks though is that d. larvesta and d. beldum are useless until fully evolved

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