Edge off the Wholesome (chat of trainers)

ha…its back? maybe, thats up to you bc we never finished.


1.GOD: none
2.legend: none
3.pika (special rank): @Aki
4.master: @BackInBlack @GiaPeNiw @poke @Emerald24111
5.trainer: @Emerald24111 @PeterHolmes74 @JojoBoss247 @Aren
6.starter: none


1.no bullying (this is a safe space)
2.keep rp appropriate (no sexual stuff)
3. no arguing (only i can bc it’s my chat)
4. aniwarts will be held after 3:30 when i get on (aniwarts is my anime school and is only held when im on. Study everyday! this is also what determines your rank)
5. if you just started on this chat you can start master which is highest rank i can give you if you just started!
5. have fun!!!

Ok hi I guess.

OWO uwu


h0i ~w~

Weeb class is in session.

Though I can’t relate to you because I don’t watch anime.

yes. i am principle

And I’m the jock who doesn’t go to school because I don’t like anime lol.

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can anyone tell me who this is image

Thats one of the mc from My Hero Acadamia

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deku midoriya

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good. 2 points to pika house and 10 points to the starter house

stopped watching after 1st episode because


Deku ate Allmights hair

this is ?image


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yes he did


my sister watches his anime lol thats the only reason i know him the only animes ive watched are haikyu and pokemon and a few episodes of other things that my brother puts on in front of me

btw there are houses in this school pika,starter,legands,and gyms