Deltalocke Pt.1: Orion problems

I decided to self implement a Deltalocke in my insurgence file. Each delta has 3 lives since they are limited and I can’t catch more. I also allow myself to get Pokemon that are tradeable to get more Deltas. For Orion all I will be able to use is a Delta Charmeleon, Delta Snorlax, and Delta Dweeble. Does anyone have any suggestions on what sort of strategy I could use to beat Orion. I was thinking of setting up Growth with Snorlax and using Bulldoze while Ivysaur is out but Ivysaur has Sludge Bomb.

Update: I was able to defeat to defeat Orion with not that much trouble thanks to “Illcutyouifyouspam.” Also turns out that the broadcast tower called me before I fought Orion so I could use Delta Grimer. I will most likely make more posts about my deltalocke experience.

Delta lives count:

Charmeleon: 3 Lives

Snorlax: 3 Lives

Dweeble: 2 Lives (-1 from Abbysal Cultist)

Grimer: 3 Lives

What mode are you on? easy, normal, or hard?

Easy but I am probably going to change it after Orion if I can.

Alright, just trying figure out the strategy that would work the best given an expected moveset.

Do you have any rock type moves available at all? Even hidden power, possibly?

Can you get hidden power pre Orion?

It turns out you get it at Roggan Town so that isn’t an option :(.

Unfortunately it’s in the game corner. And I checked the wiki for TMs and it’s a bit bare at that point in the story. I’m still brainstorming

Thanks I appreciate it :).

Is DSnorlax thick fat?

Sadly, no it is Overcoat.

and which dwebble? fairy? i don’t know which one is that early.:sweat_smile:

The fairy one thankfully. Berry Dweeble would most likely make thus run diabolical.

Wait, I’ve been playing on Set mode so I’ve been thinking of it that way. You have an option to switch when you KO something, right?

Yeah I have shift on.

Ok, that’ll make this much more feasible without sludge bomb being difficult to switch into. :smiley:

Are you fine with using potions ad nauseum or do you want to conserve them? If it’s the latter, I think I have the battle mapped out. Starting with delta charmeleon, you can KO vulpix in about 4 turns. Then larvesta will come out to use hidden power ice. If you hop into delta snorlax, you can make use of it with bulldoze- you won’t be able to do anything to fletching with it so it will be a dead end. KO or slow larvesta a bit while healing up charmeleon. If you KO, I think it’ll toss out fletching which can be taken by dwebble with some potions. If it’s ivysaur, then swap into charmeleon which will be able to 3/4hKO it while ivysaur won’t be able to do do much.

Gonna clean up the explanation now

Ok that seems to work well but the problem is if Delta Snorlax gets hit by Hidden power Ice she will probably die. So instead of that I could try to use larvesta.

Nah, delta snorlax can take at least 3 flamethrowers before it’d need healing. it has what, 150 base hp and 110 special defense vs larvesta’s 50 base special attack? it’ll handle hidden power or flamethrower like a champ.

160 base hp*

My only concern is that delta snorlax won’t be used at all since it’ll actually take damage from ivysaur and fletching where it can handle larvesta well enough. That is, unless the AI decides to use grass type moves… I don’t know how the easy AI thinks. :thinking:

Oh nice :slight_smile: That works i’ll just have to make sure my team is in the right position to fight. I already got my Delta Charmeleon trained so that is good all I have to do is get enough potions since money is not a problem (I am fighting Youngster Joey with my Delta Charmeleon since he can’t touch him so it is easy money).

Just try to stall out the sun a bit. flamethrowers in the sun will hurt a lot more than flamethowers without the sun.

Yeah that is what I was thinking. The main reason I decided to do Orion in easy is because in normal and so on Vulpix has a Heat rock so Drought lasts for even longer. Anyway I am going to bed and when I wake up I will attempt Orion.