Delta suggestion thread

It more of a recolor rather than a delta

@Carnation1 I made a Sweets based line for your request

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When you really don’t know what to do, so you just kinda wait for the suggestion thread to pop something out ;-;

Pokemon:Rotom Type: Bug or Grass References: While normal rotom is a poltergeist thing, delta rotom would bond w/ natural objects to change forms Notes: I don’t really care what the forms are, but I think things like boulders and trees would make sense. You don’t have to make the alt. forms if you don’t want to. It could look like an ant or a type of fungus, depending on the type you give it. EDIT: Now that I think about it, this would be better: Pokemon: Rotom Type: Psychic/Ghost Reference: More of a natural poltergeist, possesses natural objects, keeps its psychic typing when it changes forms. Notes: Same as original, except for the ant/fungus thing.

Pokemon:electrode Type:Dark/water Reference:Puffer Fish Notes:Put some spikes that would make it a pufferfish-pokeball

@Carnation1 I got you covered m8

Pokemon: Tyranitar Line Type: Steel Ghost Notes: The green shell of the original Tyranitar becomes metal and the inner part becomes a ghostly smoke like a Gastly

Off the top of my head, here’s a suggestion for the inspired:

Altaria Line Electric/Fairy So let’s make Altaria the Fairy Type it was always destined to be! I’m picturing this one being somewhat majestic and yet ferocious, if you know what I mean. Its cloud will be grey and crackling with lightning within, yet at the same time the creature itself should probably be beautified, I guess, and given some Fairy features. Although it’s not a Fairy, Milotic is the best example I can think of for this.

Pokemon: Jellicent line Type: Electric/Flying References: Based on a thunderstorm Notes: The tentacles could be thunder, while the main body-head thing could be a cloud.

What is up with people and storm pokemon

Pokemon: Chinchou/Lanturn Type: Psychic/Dragon References/Notes: If any of the artists are willing to take a crack at it. It’s Fins/Tail would be more like dragon wings or at least more draconian in nature. Chinchou’s wings would still be small similar to normal Chinchou’s fins, thus having it rely on its psychic powers to help get around with Lanturn having larger wings to help it ease the need to fully rely on those psychic powers. They would still have their cheerful demeanor and the antenna would be how they would use their psychic powers though I’m not sure yet on how I would change the appearance of the antenna themselves yet (probably horns of some sort but much like the antennas are used for its electric powers these would be used for its pyschic powers. Chinchou’s eyes would also be more dragon like with the pupil as such. For colors I was thinking using warm colors (shades of reds, oranges) like this and the shiny variant would be warm colors(reds, oranges). This is all I can think of at the moment but if someone’s interested in making this and would to give it a shot it would greatly appreciate. If you have more questions to help let me know and I’ll try to help.

Delta tyrunt—fire.ghost Delta tyrantrum—fire.dark Delta larvitar— Delta pupitar— Delta tyranitar— Delta golett—fire.flying Delta golurk—fire.flying

I had these i mind hope you like the ideas :sweat_smile:

Pokemon: Snover Type: Fire References: Boulder with fire leaking out Notes:A Ballistic Projectile (A rock blasted by a volcanic eruption)

Pokemon: Abomasnow Type: Rock/Fire References: Looks really similar to Snover, except now its base is wider and it actually looks like a volcano Notes: Volcano, eyes glow orange

If alternate forms are allowed:

D Abomasnow Dormant form Type: Rock References: No more fire, maybe some smoke instead Notes: Bulkier, eyes are much duller

Abilities: I have no idea, except for the Dormant D Abomasnow. Maybe Solid Rock or something. Alternatively, if alternate forms aren’t allowed, just replace the Snover line with the Darumaka line, I guess

Delta Golurk
type:fire,flying or ground
references:if it’s the fire flying then it should look more like iron man with wings
if it’s the fire,ground then it should be like the wrath of the titans fire villain

Delta golett
that’s all i can give

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Pokemon: Bellsprout line
Type: Steel/Electric
References: One of the sillier looking ones, based on a lamp, Weepinbell’s Delta on this old thing:

Notes: None

@Carnation1 Once again an idea i couldn’t pass up

Image are from DeviantArt. The reference here is only the Obsidian one.

Pokemon: Onix
Type: Rock / Ground
References: This image.
Notes: Its like Onix but shorter. and have black rocks.

Pokemon: Steelix
Type: Rock/ Fire
References: This Image.
Notes: Make it there’s lava flowing in between the obsidian rock.

Pokemon: Mega Steelix
Type: Dragon/ Ice
References: Mega steelix but the crystal became an aftermath of exploding Mountain. and the lava cool off and it became an Ice type.
Notes: It gains the ability Levitate. the colour of the Delta became Brownish and the green Mountain( was a crystal in the original Mega steelix) have ice on top. when you look at it you get that feeling of refreshing and joy.


Hi there i have a lot of ideas all of the starters (except the oones already made and emboar ) and 2 counters for the uber theat D-Vespiqueen as well as a D-Mew with types and ability to make easier brining your starters and the legendary that chos you to the competitive the ideas are in a word document with references , dex entry , typing , ETC hope you enjoy it Already edit the link to become viable

This document is not public and requires the asking of permission :v

already edited it thanks for the comment @Dechozen101 :blush: