Delta Solosis Line (wip)

This is my first attempt at spriting, so hope you like it!

Solosis: Poison, Clear Body (?)

Duosion: Poison/Fire, Levitate

Reuniclus: Poison/Fire, Levitate

Suggestions to improve it would be appreciated


I feel that maybe the fire on that sprite can be a little better, overall I like the idea and how the sprite is turning out. Keep up the good work!

the second evolution stage looks a bit too much like coffing , maybe instead you should surround it in a ring of fire

Sorry for necrobumping this, but not quite sure what to do about this. I am a GM running a Pokemon tabletop roleplaying campaign, and would love to use this idea for my campaign, which has a theme of mutated Pokemon. I will credit you for making this concept, and with your permission, use the sprites as tokens in the campaign.