Delta slowpoke

I’ve been working on a sprite but i’ve been having trouble with the ears, i’m trying to make them look like the thrill of a dragon or little wings.

Well, can you show it so I know what you’re talking about?

I showed it, thanks for responding.

Right now, it looks like it’s just a recolor aside from eyelids. I wouldn’t have expected it to be a dragon if you didn’t tell me since there’s not really anything indicating so. Also you didn’t what progress on the wings you had, so I can’t give you advice on it.

I just realsied it was an older draft i was working on, just give me a momment im really sorry

Im going to be adding spines to its back later

Those are detached. The one on the top don’t even look like they’re pixels.

I don’t think i improved much, im new at this

Yeah, it looks kinda distorted and doesn’t appear to be pixels, and if you weren’t going for pixels in the first place, it’s kinda of jarring to have some parts be pixels and some parts not.

So how would you do that pixel thing you keep mentioning?

Most programs have it as a tool. What program are you using?



Almost anything is better than paint. It doesn’t have a pixel option from what I know. I recommend old versions of Aseprite or Firealpaca’s web download.

Ok thanks for the tip. Anything else i should know about before heading off?

Not really.

Ok thanks for the tips, im going to try and deltalize slowpoke now. I don’t know if you’re interested in knowing the lore behind them or not.

If by “lore” you mean a dex entry, sure. If it’s a paragraph of it’s history and context in some fangame you’re making or something, then no thanks.

No a dex entry It’s the result of the perfectionist’s cults attempts at isolating and eliminating the gene that made slowpoke literally slow. The results were a swift, violent Pokemon, that uses its tail as a type of harpoon,Impaling its unlucky enemies.

I tried that tool. I have to admit that it does have its perks but it is hard to use. Do you see what i mean by wings as the ears. i don’t know where to put the other pixels though, like how they the outline isn’t just black. Also I wanted to add spikes across its back but i don’t know how to accomplish that. I don’t know if you can help me.