Delta Skitty Line (WIP)

Delta Skitty: ( Ghost/Normal ) Delta Delcatty : (Ghost/Fire)

Delta Skitty : The Cha Kla Pokemon Delta Delcatty : The Kasha Pokemon

Common Ability - Both - Cursed Body

Less Common Ability - Delta Skitty - Aftermath Delta Delcatty - Kindle : Changes Normal Type moves into Fire Type moves.

Hidden Ability - Both - Illusion

Delta Skitty 120x120Delta Delcatty 120x120

Delta SkittyDelta Delcatty

Shiny Alternate:

Shiny Alternate 3Delcatty Shiny Alternate 3

Suggestions for improvement or extra information would be very appreciated.


OOOO, I love the design!

They definitely look ghost and possibly also fire? If not fire then just pure ghost.

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Thank you, I really tried to make the sprites their own and not just recolors of the original sprites. I do think one of the typing would be fire.

I also tried to post it in the discord chat but you need to ask to use the art channel and so I tried in the general chat and I kinda got told to shut up so…It’ll just have to stay here for now.

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Yea I know about that, I tried to figure out how to put the art onto the discord art chat but eh, I gave up.

But yea, well done with that, but question, would you ever give them a shiny coloration?

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Yes. Infact, I’m actually working on the Shiny versions right now.

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Here are the three versions I got down to

Shiny Alternate 1Delcatty Shiny Alternate 1

Shiny Alternate 2Delcatty Shiny Alternate 2

Shiny Alternate 3Delcatty Shiny Alternate 3


I like the last one because I am a sucker for shinies that look like their original.

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Alright, now that that’s done, I should probably try back sprites.

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I really like it. Seems like a great mon to use

Thank you! I’m still trying to figure out a typing that could be in a dual typing with it’s Fire type.

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ghost is what your looking for my friend

and the ability should be normalize (IDK OP AF tho)

I don’t know about normalize, but maybe something like pixelate (changes normal type moves into fairy type moves) but instead of fairy its fire

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I decided to call it Kindle. Now I need to figure out a Hidden Ability.

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Oooo, nice name.

Maybe that would be its hidden ability while its regular abilities are like Flame Body or something like that?

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Flare Boost, idk. Maybe???

I think it would be fitting.

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Flare Boost is actually a really good idea for it’s hidden ability, it fits pretty well.

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This is an oddly broken, yet epic Mon.

Would definitely use.

Make Delta Skitty evolve by Dusk Stone and max happiness (Maybe???).

Possibly, though I’m going to decide on how it evolves once I figure out what their Dex entries would be. I’ve already decided to call them ‘The Kasha Pokemon’ after something I found in Japanese myths. The kasha, from what I saw in most pictures, was a cat covered in flames. It was said to steal the corpses of those who have died as a result of accumulating evil deeds. So, it really fits what typing we decided.

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