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Delta Skitty Line (WIP)


aight, my friend. i’d like to see how it would evolve. It’s an interesting mon for sure.


For the most part, I have a few ideas on how it would evolve right now.

- Fire Stone when it’s health is lower than half,

- Max happiness at level 23

- Some special kind of item for it

- or the Dusk Stone and Max happiness recommendation.


Assuming you plan on letting it evolve using Insurgence’s delta evolution conventions:

Deltas evolve in a similar way to their normal evos, like if a normal mon evolves by stone, the delta will always use a stone as well. If a mon evolves by level, the delta evolves at the same level. If a mon evolves by happiness at day, the delta could evolve via hate at night. A mon that evolves via level will never evolve with a trade, so on, so fourth.

Since normal skitty evolves via moon stone, it’d have to use a stone of it’s own, like a sun stone or fire stone, most likely without the “lower than half” prerequisite that you mentioned.


i also think that evolving with dusk stone with a specific move, like mystical fire is a good idea


Nice aura, I have some criticisms however.

  • The skitty’s pose looks a bit off. almost looks like it’s about to fall on it’s back.

  • It needs more details to it. so far it just looks like skitty with fire around it.

*It’s shiny actually looks like it should be the normal, and it’s shiny could be a different pallet swap.


  1. Normalize on a ghost pokemon? Kindle makes way more sense, i would suggest either shadow tag or noctem for it’s common ability.
  2. Dex entry: Delta Skitty is commonly known for appearing at funerals and attempting to steal the corpses. The reason for it is unknown, although some claim to have seen them communicating with the spirits inside the bodies. Delta Delcatty are rarely seen during the day, although if you do see one during the day, chances are it is trying to smell lonesome small pokemon, which it preys on for the same spirit fuel that chandelure hunts for.

  1. Normalize was a joke, Adaptability is a better ability. I wanted to see how long 'til someone noticed it.
  2. Decent Dex Entry, can be changed (#3 answer it)
  3. How does the Delta Skitty looks unbalanced? It’s clumsiness makes it look cute. Make a dex entry saying so.
  4. Shinies can be whatever they want to be, don’t judge. In this case, the spriter wants to keep the original colour for nostalgia sake.


Just a tip: Flare Boost on a FIre-Type is absolutely useless, as it only works when they can be burned. Besides that, I’d say it’s pretty great!


hold a flame orb and protect, easy fix… I don’t use the orbs unless needed. never used it for flare boost.


1.Even though it was a joke the original creator did put it on the common ability slot.

2,3. Imo it looks way too clumsy, it makes skitty look huge and kind of looks like it has and overgrew limb.

4, ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It was an advice to make it look better and more like an official delta, if the spriter wants it to look like that it’s fine :slight_smile:

Edit: i made another dex entry for the clumsiness (Even though i personally still dislike it.) Delta Skitty is known for appearing at funerals and attempting to steal corpses to absorb spirit fuel at night, at day it’s body is very clumsy and tired, finding a delta skitty during the day can bring good luck and fortune.


Even if it holds a Flame Orb, a fire type literally cannot be burned, unless it’s type is changed by a move like Soak.


Strategies, I tell you.


Thank you very much for the critism, and I found an ability that much more suits this ghost type, Cursed Body, and I have swapped it out for Normalize. The reason I mostly just put fire is because of the mythology I’m basing this off, the Kasha. I’m willing to add more details if you could give some suggestions.


Ah, thank you for helping me notice that! I misread the ability when I went to put it in. Though, now I have no clue what to make it’s hidden ability. Any suggestions?


Well, in that case a Fire stone or Dusk stone would be a good option.


I got a few:

Infiltrator (Infiltrating people’s funerals is what the Kasha do, of course!)

Illusion (As Kasha are illusionists and can be disguised as regular house cats.)

These are real suggestions, not joke ones. (Reasoning is in brackets)


I’ve made a couple of changes, Delta Skitty now has the Ghost/Normal typing while Delta Delcatty still has the Ghost/Fire. Delta Skitty can have the ability Aftermath, and is now called the Cha Kla Pokemon. Delta Delcatty is still called the Kasha Pokemon


Illusion is a good suggestion for the hidden ability, Maybe give it sharp fangs? and marks on it’s body. Prankster can also be one, shadow tag would also make sense, adaptability would make it a very good attacker.


Ah, fangs is a great idea! If you look at the Delta Skitty sprite, I had tried to make it’s flames on its tail curl like claws.


ah sweet


I have come up with an idea for Delta Delcatty’s dex entry.

Delta Delcatty, the Kasha Pokemon.

Delta Delcatty is rarely seen, when it is found it’s noted stalking those who it deems evil. It is said that days after it is seen stalking someone, that person will disappear and never return. Strangely, after the disappearances, more of its pre-evolution are seen.

It may need some work.