Delta Riolu line (WIP)

I made a Dark/Fire type Riolu and Lucario, hope you guys like it.

Updated sprites:


Make the 2nd darkest grey color somehow lighter.
The toes on both sprites might need some touch-ups.

Updated the sprites

Yeah the one on the right-sided leg.

I think it looks a bit better now.

edit just updated the arms a bit.

Better looking, good job.

Thanks still have to make Mega and backsprites xD

This looks amazing :o

This looks pretty cool, nice job

Thanks all

Update: added mega

Left to do: Backsprites.

mega looks cool also, but i am curious as to what inspired that idea or what is it based on? :slight_smile:

@Demonknight, its actually based on a character I made a while ago for a roleplay xD.

Updated some sprites and added 2 backsprites.

They look awesome!

Delta lucarios back sprite looks really cool, i love how the energy around its hand looks.

Thanks guys <3 I’ll try to make the mega backsprite tomorrow

Added Mega backsprite, overworld sprite, megastone sprite and party sprite.

Any tips on what can be improved? :slight_smile:

From echo:

    1. Entire Sprite can be cleaned, excess pixels around the outlines and inside he sprite exist.
    1. Fires are a little too messy, also try to use white a little more than you did.
    1. Backsprite mouths are unrealistic, replace the red with empty pixels and give the mouths outlines.
    1. Close Riolus Mouth.

well kudos to you for going far and beyond on doing more than you needed to. :sunglasses:

Waauw, I love the fact you did every sprite as well.

The only thing that in my opinion should get some improvement is the head of Riolu as it feels very plane.

I especially love the M.D.Lucario sprite.

Unbelievably good! Love the sprites. Keep up the great work. Hope to see this in the game.