Delta Pokemon Order of accessibility?

I’ve been trying to build a team of just Delta Pokemon, but I’ve had to edit the team so many times I’ve lost count because something I think is going to be accessible early in the game turns out to need something only obtained once the game’s essentially finished. I’ve been able to get through the first three gyms by supplementing with normal Pokemon, but I’d like to have a full Delta team before I’m too far in.

As it is, the one on my team I’m fairly certain will be obtained at the latest spot is Delta Pawniard at the Power Farm. A list of when these Pokemon are obtainable during regular gameplay would be a huge help, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to optimize a Delta team as soon as possible in the story.

I can’t recall the order, and I can’t do more research because I’m cooking but quickly I can tell you that δRalts is strong, cute and accessible very early.

Yes, I already had Ralts on my list. Though I will admit it was kinda annoying keeping it as a Kirlia til I was able to get a Dawn Stone to evolve it into Gallade. Really could’ve used an Everstone.

Bro, go here. You can get any pokemon you want as early as you want! He will breed you late game mons as well.

Ok, that’s useful, but it doesn’t answer my question.

What is your question? Like you want an item for the pokemon to hold?

… really? Read my first post.

Do you need a wiki on what order you get them?

Something like that, yes. Like I said, I’ve had to edit my list several times because Deltas like Geodude aren’t actually accessible until way late in the game, yet they’re in areas that the player goes through early in the game. It’s really confusing.

I’ve been working on a document for this very thing actually ^^


I would sort it by pre\post gym. For example, D. Geodude is accessible post 6th gym.