Delta Liepard - Better Back & Walk Sprites

Hi again, everyone!

Well, I finally caught Delta Liepard, and I was disappointed to find that its sprite was really low-resolution:

Original Delta Liepard Back Sprite

I worked awhile with the original Liepard sprite, and made what I hope is a better alternative!

New Delta Liepard Back Sprite
SOTK's Delta Liepard Back Sprite - Longer

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of all the sprites:

Delta Liepard Comparison
As a bonus, here’s a walk sprite sheet that follows the player better and doesn’t overlap:
Delta Liepard (755) Walk Sprite

I know it’s not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it!
– Servant of the King

“There is therefore now no condemnation against those who are in Christ Jesus”
–Romans 8:1


Hi, can I use some parts of your sprites to make my own?

i think that’s y they posted it also pls dont necro
they have not been seen in a long time