D. liepard back sprite

I could not found any good D. liepard back sprite soo I made one myself.


In battle

I know It’s not perfect but at least better than original (just the head)
I used the head and tail of ServantOfTheKing’s liepard sprite so go check it out too (Delta Liepard - Better Back & Walk Sprites)
If you think you can improve over this, feel free to use my sprite and please let me know or post it under this topic

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nice job.

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Thanks a lot!

I mostly do private recolors myself. So idk how to actually change the sprite, i might mess up.

wanna hear from me? i have some experience of modifying sprites


612_1(3) 612_1(3)(1) SMD zard(2)

I usually import a sprite i like and heavily modify it
i take input from forums and myself mostly myself
brainstorm and implement

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Yeah that looks way too hard. Also is there any free sprite makers that bypasses school?

i use piskelapp.com

ye bet ya is thats why i ask forums lol


pixil-frame-0 (1)

hokus pokus.

pls outline your sprite
add shading
and overall use a bigger brush size
2x2 is best


is this better

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Yes it looks good but you have to see how does the d electrive back spirite look like it’s hilarious


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i dont get it, why’s it funny

looks like it has constipation

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Oh. Now I see it. Wish you hadn’t told me tho


sorry man

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When in fight