Delta Hoppip

OH.MY.ARCEUS. it’s FINALLY DONE! I love these guys and the inspiration comes from hoppip’s helicopter leaves! Oh, by the way, Helicopter blades are hard to draw!:sweat_smile:
1x1 sprites added for submission


Daaaaaammmmmm These are good, love the hoppip one the most

I need this in the game

Thank you! i’m actually working on overworld sprites for these guys too!

These are freaking great. What’s the type? Steel/Flying?

I was thinking that it would be elec/steel with levitate or steel/flying with motor drive

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Even if this doesn’t get added in, I will replace Hoppip’s sprite with this

D-do you want me to make you some back sprites?

Yes please if it isn’t too much of a hassle, Mecha Hoppip all the way!

Got It!


Hello, there! I am working on a campaign for a Pokemon tabletop roleplaying system, and I want to use this concept for the campaign. It involves mutated Pokemon called Fractured Pokemon, which are changed like Delta Pokemon, but are aggressive like Shadow Pokemon, and can be snagged like Shadow Pokemon from other Trainers. I will credit you for making these Pokemon, and if it’s alright, I will use the sprites for the in-game tokens.