Delta dragonite help

i need a good moveset and evs for my delta dragonite

i use a delta dragonite and the moveset i gave it was thunder wave thunderpunch aqua tail and dragon claw

Delta Dragonite is made for fighting in the rain, just look at Swift Swim. it has a great Physical Damage and a not so shabby Special attack either.
Aqua Tail (STAB, Physical, 90) Boosted by rainfall.
Thunder (STAB, Special, 110) neglects accuracy with rainfall
Blizzard (Special, 110) neglects accuracy with rainfall, both of his greatest weakness are grass and Ice are weak to Ice.
Rain Dance / Calm Mind / Aqua Jet (Either power him up, or some priority)
Personally I’d have a Pelipper with drizzle come in and U-turn into Delta Dragonite. Just any other pokemon start the rain and then use Delta Dragonite.`

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it ability is volt absorb

any ideas for evs

In that case I’d just stick with a super physical set
Ice Punch (75 damage for type coverage)
Aqua Tail (still great STAB and 90 damage)

then choose
SuperPower (Huge Physical Damage 120)
Volt Switch (Uses Special Damage 70)
Outrage (Multi-turn Physical damage 120)
LiveWire (some stuns)

So you can pop a Livewire then Outrage, even without the normal STAB still super powerful and livewire will stun any pokemon switching in.
use superpower and after it lowers your attack and defence use a volt switch which is a special attack move, and do a quick reset.

Thank you so much

could u see if my teams ready for e4

Very Delta, I’m not gonna go through and check the info for each of them. However looks like a very diverse team, sure you got a lot of cool powerful pokemon that can each hold their own and that’s not bad. But it seems like none of your pokemon can work off each other, which personally can make some REAL powerful pokemon. But that’s just my personal opinion. Ice queen looks real nice, Tyranitar looks like any other Tyranitar set so it might be predictable, but there’s a reason its used so much, because its good. We already talked about Dragonite. Phantom, really needs moon set up if use lunar cannon, and it’s a waste to just use it for one move. Think of it this way two turns for 105 special, thats the same as two turns of 52.5 at that point snarl is a better move. Use something like dark pulse instead, in those two turns that 160 special instead, if you are set on a super powerful dark move at least use Dark Matter for the Immediate 150 damage rather than waiting a turn first. The other two are fine, but not exactly beastly and the fact that snorlax has no healing moves is a waste of a wall. Unless you aren’t planning on using him as a wall? Which I guess makes sense since you don’t seem to be causing any conditions, which is like another problem all together.