Delta Deoxys (no sprite)

New Delta with for reason

Delta Deoxys
Electric/Poison type
Ability: *Computer Virus

This Pokémon that was created by the Perfection cult was mainly created as a computer weapon. It can go through data like Portion and it’s evolutions, but unlike Porygon, it destroys vital information that the computer needs to function.

*Computer Virus makes it so that if Delta Deoxys gets hit by any Electric type move/Contact move, it will partially travel to the opposing Pokémon, allowing it to do more damage over time. The more it gets hit by these moves, the more parts of Deoxys goes through the Pokémon. This does not mean that it is completely immune against these attacks as it gets weaker and weaker to these attacks.

And it’s other forms you get if you interact with an upgraded PC, but instead to be specialised on stats, it specialises on types that replace the Poison type

Steel will be a replacement for Defence form, and shaped like some sort of wall

Fire will be a replacement for Speed form, and float via fire under its feet-like appendages, like rocket boots from, say, Ratchet & Clank (Future): A Crack In Time

Dark will be a replacement for Attack form, and its arms will be incredibly sharp with a dark “aura” surrounding them that are actually just partials downloaded from the upgraded PC

What do you guys think of my computer virus idea?


You my want to instead try and post these on the delta suggestion thread instead, that way there’s a chance an artist might pick it up and design it. (a mini moodboard or sketched design usually helps, but people have been willing to go off of less)

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That would be nice, considering there is an infected computer inside the Perfection Lab.