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5 Things i'll find in Elipson storyline

  1. Johto Delta starters Kanto starters in insurgence eh why not i expect Delta Chickorita and Totodile looking like this (Sorry but evolution line isn’t full) Delta Chikorita Line Delta Totodile

  2. Return of some Deltas, Delta Pokemon i expect coming back i Munchlax line, Feebas line, Ditto and Larvesta line

  3. Torren references, i mean why not ?

  4. Less darker story, and NO GYM LEADERS DYING

  5. Developers being a part of the story, least of the stuff since i’m not so keen on ze idea


All of these are wrong except for 4


We’ve literally told you MULTIPLE times that nothing is returning from Insurgence. No deltas, no Torren region, NOTHING. Please, for the love of god, stop bringing that up about Epsilon.


So, Epsilon’s story isn’t going to be as dark as Z/O or Insurgence?


Not at all. As the main writer of the story, I’m doing everything in my power to make sure the story is engaging, exciting, and fun, without the need of being overly edgy or dark for seemingly no reason.


Sounds great, I don’t think anyone can question the this team’s story writing abilities after the last 3 games. I’m really looking forward to having another quality Pokemon game to binge out on.