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D. Ditto

Trading Name: mittiba

Offer: IV stones

Request: D. Ditto

Further info: Things I can offer depends on ditto.

Would you happen to have your own d. Ditto? And of you did is it from not the us region?

I’m too early in the game at the moment. (Miara town)

But are you from somewhere that isn’t the us region? If so ill do it if you can get me one when able

yup, I’m outside of the US. Shat’s the deal about it thougt

I’m down to do it if you promise to give me the ditto in your game, deal?

Okey then! But first, can you explain why US D.Ditto is different

for masuda shiny egg hunting. I’m from the US, so if I have say an Italian ditto my shiny odds increase

Ohhh… okay I get it now.
I’m ready for the trade now and I promise I will give you my ditto when I’m able to.
But, This is my first trade so can you briefly explain what should I do?

I haven’t either, but I believe you need to go to dex nav, hit the button next to the pokeball, register an account if need be, login and hit trade and search who you want to trade with

Let’s try then, if you’re ready

my name should be Scrub12 if I did it right

it says you’re not online

is that you?

Yes! So what do we do now

just give me something you don’t care about and I’ll give you the ditto

Okay wait a sec then

Ok then

Okey I’m back

thanks a lot!