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D. Ditto

ok, I shall await your message for that ditto. Good luck with whatever you need it for

BTW if you don’t get your ditto in 4 days, this thread will be locked so if that’s the case dm me when you get it. Idk how often you’re on here

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just to lyk masuda is based on language, not region. for example if you live in france and the other person, say australia, but both of you have English (US) which is the default, then it wont work. if one is English us and the other person has English Australia, then masuda works. Based on your language it put you in one of nine regions based on this chart
Note: region 3 and region 4 are considered the same
@interweb @mittiba

also changing your language later on doesnt matter, your savefile is put in one of the 9 regions as soon as you begin your savefile. so really your language when you started your world is what counts

Maybe, but I don’t think mittiba would have english(us) if they’re not from the us so it could still work

im from india and my language was english us so i don’t know what your talking about


except the english us part… mine was english india

mine was english US as default then i changed it later

I’m not sure but mine could be English US too, where will I check that

if you have windows just search language then some stuff pops up i think i dont rly remember. on mac i have no idea. you could just look it up tho

oh, the system language… (stupid brain)
Mine is 1-Turkish/ 2-English (UK). Both ways it’s outside the US

I remember like i was on the 2nd gym and for my main save file i got a delta ditto thru wonder trading and isnt delta ditto one per save file .?

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ah, then youre good

Nice, it all works out

How close are you to getting that ditto? I only ask to keep the thread alive

I just arrived to… (let me check) Selene city. If I know right, I should be able to get D.D. after getting the D. Noibat.
But unfortunately, I won’t be able to play this week because of school and stuff.
I’m gonna give it to you as soon as I get it soo no worries :smile:

delta ditto is post game, although you do need to get a few things from selene in order to get it


Its ok. I mostly wanted the chain to stay active so it won’t close