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Custom Legendary Deltas

I’m kinda new to this, but here goes nothing:

Delta Lugia, the Heat Wave Pokemon, and a Fire-Flying type. It’s abilities are Drought for normal and Hot Air (gives all Flying type moves a chance to burn) for hidden (the name could use work). “A single flap of its wings can destroy entire fields of crops. It’s flames are so hot, they are unable to be doused by water.”
Ω Lugia
Delta Rayquaza, the Deep Space Pokemon, and an Ice-Steel [EDIT: It’s now Steel-Dragon] type. It’s abilities are Snow Warning for normal and Air Lock for hidden. “It is capable of withstanding not only the pressure but the cold of deep space. It is commonly seen through telescopes flying around Pluto.”
Ω Rayquaza
[EDIT: I redid the image. It’s down below]
Delta Darkrai, the Burning Pokemon, and a pure Fire type. It’s ability is Flame Body. “It is known to wander around causing wildfires. Just being several yards away can cause first degree burns.”
Ω Darkrai
[EDIT: I redid the image. It’s down below]


I’d like to offer some tips on improving these guys.
The changes, while noticeable, aren’t really a drastic change, and while deltas don’t have to look super different, the delta lugia looks more like a recolor at first glance. I’d recommend playing into the fire motif more. Maybe instead of leaving the body unchanged, you could make it more smokey - Change the body so it looks more like a shaped cloud of smoke.
This one is very close to just being a re-color. I don’t see any relation to the ice type in the sprite. If it’s meant to be a deep-space rayquaza, I’d suggest thickening the body a bit to resemble a space suit, with a layer of frost on the suit, maybe? You should also change the pattern on it’s body, but you don’t need to.
Again, this one is very close to just being a re-color. Also, the fire on it’s head looks too close to being a part of another pokemon - moltres. It’s okay to use parts from other pokemon, but they need to be blended in to fit the delta. As for the rest of it, the body reminds me of tar or oil. I’d change the body to be more drippy and shiny, as well as change the collar into flames, maybe make the shoulders into fire?

Alright. Here’s the upgraded Darkrai:
Ω Darkrai
I tried to make the shoulders a bit more like Reshiram’s Overdrive state. I also lightened the color of it’s body a bit, to make it look smokier. The collar was originally designed to be made of lava, and I didn’t want the flames to overlap, so I kept it as-is.

I couldn’t think of what to do to change the Lugia. Making it smoky is a great idea, but that is exactly the point of Darkrai. So many Fire types have a dark/smoke theme, I kinda want my Lugia to be different and stand out, even if it does look more like a recolor.


I just finished another Delta Legendary:
Delta Palkia, the Solar Flare Pokemon, and a Fire-Dragon type (I really need to stop making Fire type Deltas, but they’re just so easy to make). It’s abilities are Magma Armor for normal and Blaze Boost for hidden. “This Palkia has merged with a star, with the star’s core being its power source. Its flames are hot enough to melt even Regice.”
Ω Palkia


I was having a tough time with the modifications to my current Delta Rayquaza, so I ended up redoing it entirely. Probably for the best; the other one had just started out as a recolor anyways.
Delta Rayquaza


I just wanted to know, when did you start spriting? Like, what mon did you do first?

Out of these? The first Rayquaza. In general? I think I recolored a Haunter’s shiny to inject it into Pokemon Black. That was like five or six years ago, though. I have an entire Scratch project that I just use to store all of my custom/recolored sprites, or store sprites I think are cool. I haven’t posted it yet.

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Anyways, I’d suggest not doing recolors of deltas that are already in the game. Avoid doing recolors in general. Also, the raikou is actually just a bunch of parts from other pokemon slapped onto it. I count Darkrai’s collar, his shoulders, houndoom’s horns and back, and darkrai’s pallet. I know I said it’s fine to use other parts, but not an abundance of them. also, they can’t be this obvious. outside of the added parts there’s hardly any changes to raikou’s body type.
I can’t even really suggest changes because it’s got so many parts from other mons, and I want to help make it better, but the only thing I can say is make all the additional parts yourself, and only then can I help at all.

Good points. The Raikou was my second, I think, after the Rayquaza. The Regice was just something that I didn’t know where else to put. I’ll repost it once I make it more up-to-date. Thanks for the input.

Here’s a new Delta Mythical, made with help from @ServantOfTheKing:
Delta Marshadow, the Fog Pokemon, and a Ghost-Water type. It’s ability is Clear Body. “This Pokemon is coveted for its ability to change into mist at will. It uses this skill to attack its confused opponents from literally every angle.”
SOTK Marsh Resized
Check out the post it was made at with this link here


can you make Delta Zekrom or Reshiram

If you take a look at the link above, you can see I already made one. But I’ll try to make a second one, with a different typing, considering the first is Dragon-Fire or Electric-Fire, and still shares a type with the original. Do you have any type suggestions or requests?

how about

Here’s the Delta Zekrom you requested.
Delta Zekrom, the Sin Pokemon, and a Dark-Dragon type. It’s ability is Dark Aura. “This evil Pokemon draws power from the dark desires of others. In some regions, it is known by the names Satan, Lucifer, or just simply the Devil.”
Let me know if there are any modifications you would like me to make.

Here’s my image base for Delta Reshiram:

I found it online and recolored it. I plan on making the feet less bird-like.

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Can you make delta Solgaleo or Lunala?

I can try. Believe it or not, but I’m extremely busy right now. What types would you want them, or does it not matter to you?

I never expected a reply!! You can do whatever types you are comfortable with! I just wanted to look at how they would look in this game!! Thanks!!!

Okay, I’ll do Dark-Dragon for Solgaleo and Dark-Rock for Lunala.

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Sure, Thanks a lot!!

Here’s what I’ve got:
Delta Solgaleo, the Devourer Pokemon, and a Dark-Dragon type. It’s ability is Shadow Dance. “Known as the Beast that Devoured the Sun, this Ultra Beast literally ate the sun of its world, plunging it into eternal darkness. After Ultra Necrozma defeated it and restored light to the world, Solgaleo vanished into Ultra Space.”
Feedback is appreciated.