Currently broken/Useless abilities

UPDATE: As the Simulator seems to no longer be getting updates for the time being, I have decided to leave the forums for the time being, all below still seems to be valid as of 7th April however!

For the Moves post, see here!

After a few hours of testing I have documented several Pokemon abilities that are currently not working or have not been properly implemented yet, hopefully this list will come in handy for those of you making a team and I shall try to keep it up to date!

Please keep in mind that this is not a bug report nor am I a developer, this is just simply a quick sheet to cross-check if you are using anything that wouldn’t quite work out as well as you had expected.

I’ve split up the abilities into sections for ease of reading, hope this all helps! (Last updated 01/03/2016)


Game breaking

Desolate Land (Lasts indefinitely, nullifying all water type moves for the entire duration of the battle)
Primordial Sea (Lasts indefinitely, nullifying all fire type moves for the entire duration of the battle)


Symbiosis (Flabébé, Floette, Florges)
Flower Veil (Flabébé, Floette, Florges)
Friend Guard


Synthetic Alloy (D.Noibat, D.Noivern)
Prism Guard (Mega Milotic)
Regurgitation (D.Grimer, D.Muk)

Currently broken

Zen Mode (Darmanitan)
Forecast (Castform)
Flower Gift (Cherrim)
Lightning Rod
Ethereal Shroud (Resistance to, not immunity, does not display additional typing within hover) (Mega Gothitelle)

Speed Swap (Extension of Trick room, which is broken) (Mega Reuniclus)
Venomous (D.Shinx, D.Luxio, D.Luxray)
Pickpocket (No effect)
Magician (No effect)
Liquid Ooze (No effect)

Partially working

Imposter (Move predicts future events (stat boosts/debuffs) and transforms to the opponent on turn end as opposed to transforming into the foe on switch) (Ditto)
Multitype (Lacks back and front sprites, Judgement typing visuals, Type Resistances/Weaknesses/Immunities/Status Immunities) (Arceus)
Ethereal Shroud (Cannot bypass Arena Trap, Shadow tag etc. Cannot have ghost type nullified via Scrappy, Foresight, Normal & fighting moves still can proc additional effects on contact) (Mega Gothitelle)
Scrappy (Does not effect Ghost type given Pokémon)

Visually incomplete

Klutz (Displays visual effects regardless e.g balloon) (Buneary, Lopunny, Woobat, Swoobat, Audino, Golett, Golurk)
Colo(u)r Change (Will change type, however will only have type visible within log) (Kecleon)
Protean (Will change type, however will only have type visible within log) (Kecleon, Froakie, Frogadier, Greninja)
Stance Change (Lacks front sprite for Sword stance) (Aegislash)
Cute Charm (Nothing too severe, triggers on same-gender pokemon and fails regardless)
Limber (Triggers on transformations)

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Could you explain whats not working with Ethereal Shroud? I’m sure we’ve tested that extensively and have confirmed that it adds Ghost type resistances and immunities…

Sure thing! & Apologies for the green screen, the gif software I used didn’t use transparency correctly

As you can see here, normal moves can hit and damage (even inflict additional effects) to the individual, the examples I have used is Skitty with Body slam (It does damage normally, but Skitties attack is so low it didn’t do a whole lot) and Skitty with Normalize and Blizzard.

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Pretty sure they changed Delta Noivern’s hidden ability because synthetic alloy was thought to be too strong. Not 100% sure about this though.

Updated the post!

By the way, anyone know why it was thought to be too good? Delta Noivern isn’t exactly incredible at anything as it is. Its bulk isn’t great, its type is more defensive than offensive (which runs counter to its offensive stats) and it has a movepool that has few support moves and little attack variety. Because of its speed, it can function as a poor man’s lugia with leech seed/toxic/roost but it’s otherwise kinda outclassed by other sweepers/walls. Maybe the move tutor will help.

I would’ve loved that ability too, im not sure why it was considered too strong, but Im sure they had a good enough reason. We have some very talented balancers on the team.

Perhaps it was thought to have been a bit too strong of an ability to strip a Pokemon of a quadruple weakness

Although a doubles entrainment/skillswap onto a Ferrothorn + rocky helmet would be quite a sight to see!

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Seems they have fixed the Ability of M.Goth, however its still broken as they are able to become a quadruple type with additional type granting attacks!

-edit- Additional effects still apply and make contact

It’s a feature! and possibly quintuple

Love the idea but its still a little unreliable in the sense that its not acting like a usual ghost type as far as normal resistances are calculated. And just think of those poor, new players wondering why their normal moves fail to hit! (That, and there is literally no way to remove that ghost typing, everything results in a 0%! )