Patch notes

Would it be possible to get some patch notes posts set up? As progress on the Simulator can flow more fluently with there also being an alpha client above that, it would be great to see some notices on what has and has not been changed/balanced/fixed!

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Documenting patch notes would take more time than actually fixing things half the case. Our battle sim also has an alpha build, it just is on a different server with restricted access. Things that are fixed are marked on the bug tracker as fixed when I push that alpha build to the remote git repo, shortly after which it will be pushed to the production server

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Ah okay thats fine, I was referring to just things like 10-11 word summaries of each like “- Fixed Bide doing nothing” and the such

Thanks for the thought none the less!

My changelog looks more like this:

Which is not that useful to most people

Ah yeah I saw that a little while ago burring through the github resolved tag list, would it possibly be worth it instead for a big content update? (Like “Doubles update” or w/e)

It’d also be pretty helpful for things like this

If you put things separately on the bug tracker they will automatically change to resolved when I push a commit. Major changes will probably be put somewhere.

Ah alrighty, will do (although the canned precooked meat would be quite severe for separately). Also glad to hear about the major changes bit!