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To sum it up in 3 words…I got bored. For a fan-game, I made 2 mythicals and an eeveelution for every type. I wanted to know what you guys thought. And, if you had an idea for a Pokemon, Tell me its typing and I will make it for you, I just won’t have any graphics. I believe in self-interpretation. I don’t have any graphics but here are 2 documents I have been working on. If you have a request, please let me know in this thread. If you have any graphics/sprites for the pokemon I create, let me know. Now here are the fruits of my boredom!

Locke Myths
Blizzie Line

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A steel, Ice type.

okay gotcha! :wink:

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Hey @Firefiber733339! I did an Ice-Steel like you asked, I am working on its evo right now, which is Ice-Fighting.

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I do not have access

@Firefiber733339 Try now.

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Don’t have access to the second document.


try now.

Very interesting Pokémons you got here.

they go hand in hand. what do you think?

They don’t have TM because these pokemon don’t trust humans or human inventions.

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Interesting. Theyy have very shallow movepool in that case. That hinder their viability. Maybe they get a new move every 5 level?

Each of them have stall like tactic moves. Toxic & Recover/Plug In.

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Good enough. I don’t have Pokémon ideas because I give them all to my friend who also plan to do a Pokémon Fangame: Pokémon Mith and Legend.

70% of the game is based on mithology. I love its ideas and conseps. To bad I am the sole person who is gona program it all.

They can use my mons. AS LONG AS I GET CREDIT.

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Nah, won’t use your ideas. We don’t plan on using much actual Pokémon. In fact, Eevee might not even be in the game as we have a pseudo-Eevee.

oh. okay. I just have all these ideas and i want to give it to someone because they are all gonna die with me.

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We all gona die anyway ._.

Yeah, but I want someone to use my ideas. Hum…

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Well, I could talk to him, but I does not garanties he would care.