Could someone teach my Delta scrafty Earthquake?

I’m only in Selene city, i’d like for it to have some more coverage.

EQ tm is in victory road,far from selene gym😖.But you can teach it by breeding,if compatible.

Which is why i’m asking if someone else could teach it too it, with the “trade” option :confounded:

Someone could,but I cant :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I can teach him Earthquake, I have the TM so, if you want, we can do it

Cool, whats your ID?

cabetsiit, yours?

Matthew, ID no. 11997, don’t know if thats needed.

Okay, I will send you a trash pkm and then I teach D. Scrafty earthquake and then we exchange again, is it okay?

Yup, going to a center rn.

okay, but you cann change pkm even if you aren’t in a center

Oh ok, first time trading on here, my bad.

I’m online, and you?

Mind giving me a sec? I need to register online. Though it would just be like a typical gts thing.

no no, register and then select Trade option and write my username, cabetsiit!


Okay, let me finish evolving Roggenrola. I’m completing my Dex and that is awful hahaha

Well its saying I need to update the game even though I just dled it, sorry man. Yeah take your time I gotta get it working on my end.

I’m ready. Which version de you have? I’m using 1.2.3 and please tell me if your username is stilll Matthew or you have changed it

1.2.2, gotta update. My bad bro.