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Complete Kyurem

My personal take on the original dragon of Unova. Mainly a fusion of Kyurems Black and White.
Kyurem (Complete)
Feel free to post your own Kyurem sprites or use this one.

Nice, I like the icy design! Here’s another design we worked on in this forum, if you’re interested:

Perfect Kyurem

Nice work, it fits the other two half-Kyurem very well!

Looks really cool! What did/do you use to make the sprites? I normally use Scratch (not the most efficient, but it works).

Well, I’ve never made a sprite from nothing. I’ve always started with a picture or an existing sprite. If I start with a picture, I run it through a program called Pixelator to get a really rough version of the sprite, then I use a program called to edit the rough sprite until I’ve got something I like! That program is always my go-to photo editing program.

Neat. That does sound a lot easier; I have to make a lot of my sprites from scratch (no pun intended) or use preexisting sprites as a base. I’ll have to try your way.

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