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Perfect Kyurem

Hello everyone, big fan here. I have a request for anyone who might be willing to help out. I want to fulfill a fantasy of seeing a complete Kyurem in the game, even if I have to replace Black or White Kyurem’s models in the game files so I’m hoping someone could at the very least attempt to make a sprite the image down below. Backsprite appreciated but not 100% necessary. Fully understand if this is too much to ask for some stranger on the internet, but I thought I’d at least ask


Wow this looks really cool. I love your design. I’m curious what typing it would be since I can see attributes from both Zekrom and Reshiram while a pokemon can have at most 2 types.
I’m not an artist unfortunately, or I’ll definitely help make sprites for it. Good luck tho.

Thanks. I didn’t make the design but it most certainly is the best version I’ve found anywhere. If I had to type it, I’d put pure Dragon type, but with an ability giving it a power boost for all Fire, Electric and Ice moves, as if it was all of those types at once.

It could be pure Dragon type and have an ability that gives Electric,Fire and Ice type weaknesses and resistances.

I cannot overstate how “work-in-progress” this is, but just to let you know that you’re not shouting into the void here…

Perfect Kyurem FS

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You sir are a miracle worker. I notice you’re the same person who did that Primal Giratina sprite a while back so I have confidence that you can make this pipe dream a reality. You’re doing a bang up job so far

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Glad to help out! The back sprite might be a little rougher since I don’t have experience in designing things from scratch. I’ll do my very best once classes end, though!

– Servant of the King

Well, I was supposed to be writing a paper about the book of John, but here we are. At least you can benefit from my procrastination! XD What do you think?

Perfect Kyurem FS Final Better

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That is absolutely incredible. You have my deepest thanks friend. I hope you do well on your paper.

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I’m so glad you like it! Glad I could help out. The paper is going really well, thanks! If you’d ever like to try something like this yourself, I use Pixelator for the (very) rough sketch:


Once you’ve got that, you can use and its Pencil, Color Picker, Paint Bucket bucket various selection tools to refine the sprite. Either way, I hope you enjoy the sprite!

Hey again! I made some improvements to the sprite, both to the look of it and to its position when you see it in-game. Unfortunately, the sprite is a little too big for the Summary interface. It’ll still appear there, but it will bleed over into the text boxes a little.

Perfect Kyurem FS Final Best

And in even better news, I’ve got a back sprite for ya!

PK Backsprite Better

You wouldn’t believe how long that took. XD

Have a good night!

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“Work in progress” that’s spot on