[CLOSED] Giving away pokerus pokemon

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: honedge with 1 speed iv and quiet nature with pokerus

Request: iv stones, heart scales, shinies you dont want/ not gonna use but these are all optional

Further info:i have a lot of honedges left over from my shiny aegislash hunt so im just giving them away to free up some space and help people

i can give you a heart scale

alright cool u ready to trade rn?

yeah sry i had sumthing 2 do lets do it

alright whats your trade name?

my regular name whagt is yours

its THeboiboi

oh is your name JojoBoss247 ?


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I’m ready lets go!

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you didnt give it a heart scale

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It is in your friend safari

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oh ok

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Oh heck. I hope you still have some, uhhh. I’ll give Iv Stones if you want them…

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oh i have roughly 400 honedges so yeah i still have some

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Neat, when can you trade?

Sorry for responding late, I had some work to do so yeah I can trade in an hour orso of your ready! :slight_smile:

Can I get one for a Iv stone?