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Chat of trainers

just chat. thats it.
1.GOD: none
2.legend: none
3.pika (special rank): @Aki
4.master: none
5.trainer: @Emerald24111 @PeterHolmes74
6.gym: @Aren

rules: bullying (this is a safe space)
2.keep rp appropriate (no sexual stuff)
3. no arguing (only i can bc it’s my chat)
4. aniwarts will be held after 3:30 when i get on (aniwarts is my anime school ad is only held when im on. Study everyday!)
5. have fun!!!

Ok hi I guess.

OWO uwu


h0i ~w~

Weeb class is in session.

Though I can’t relate to you because I don’t watch anime.

yes. i am principle

And I’m the jock who doesn’t go to school because I don’t like anime lol.

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can anyone tell me who this is image

Thats one of the mc from My Hero Acadamia

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deku midoriya

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good. 2 points to pika house and 10 points to the starter house

stopped watching after 1st episode because


Deku ate Allmights hair

this is ?image


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yes he did


my sister watches his anime lol thats the only reason i know him the only animes ive watched are haikyu and pokemon and a few episodes of other things that my brother puts on in front of me

btw there are houses in this school pika,starter,legands,and gyms