Character's hair on the trainer card

Hi there, I played a bit since this morning, the atmosphere is great but I have one problem : every time I look at my trainer card, my character’s hair disappear. Is that a common bug ?

I searched everywhere but didn’t find any answer.

Check the Characters folder if you have any missing files, sprites for the trainer card (front parts) are found in the Clothes_front folder.

Is that the same problem if I can’t see tall grass and when I go out of the Darkrai cultists zone, when Mew gives me the flute, I only see trees on the screen and the text boxes ?

Uh, must be a general graphics issue. If the files are there but they are not showing then it could be an issue with your own computer showing graphics.

It must come from my computer because I have every file. Too bad, this game looked awesome ! (I’ll give it another try when the game will be complete with a better computer.)

Alright, make sure your drivers are updated too! might be a fix, if not also.

I think they’re good but thanks for the help !

Just buy some hair dye from the shop under the poke center, then use it, that will fix it

I just downloaded the raw full game one more time (and the patch even if it’s already in the full game), I extracted the files and now I have tall grass and I can see the characters instead of the trees ! (I don’t have my hair tough. BUT I CAN PLAY !)

I also play on the 2nd save file instead of the 1st because (I don’t know why) there was my Pokemon Sage Demo save on the 1st file and that’s maybe what caused the bug.

Any way to speed up the game a little bit ? (It’s a bit laggy from time to time…)

Alright, that’s a start at least.
Lag is accordance to your system performance, the better it is the less lag you’ll get.
There is the M button to speed the game by default, but you can also use Cheat Engine build in Turbo mode.

Yeah I read this everywhere, I’ll give it a try.

(Do you know why Kaspersky consider Insurgence Launcher as a malware ? Is this why the launcher turns off on its own during the installation ?)

No idea, but you can always include it within the firewall and kaspersky exceptions, if it frequently happens.

That’s what I did but it doesn’t seem to work better. I can play whithout the launcher so nevermind, thanks for the help !

No problem.

Try this and see if it works for you too.

Thanks, I saw this but since I wasn’t able to play, I didn’t try.

Yeah… i think that’s a bug because i’m experience it too after failed to login when i’m still using 1.7.0… until update 1.8.2 it still gives me bald hair unless i change my hair colors… and there’s more bug… my alakazam now always random teleport me not the last pokemon center i visited… please help and fix this… thanks

PS = My graphic card is GTX 960 and is always up to date…

I have the very same problem. I picked the purple haired model at the beginning then took a look at the trainer card and… well that ugly thing appeared.

I bought black hair dye and it worked then I bought purple hair dye and same problem the bald guy is back.

I checked the folder and the data is definitely there. my drivers are up to date aswell.

Now I -could- live with it but… any informations if this will be bugged for other players if they see me?

Is anyone else viewing this in 2024