Character stuck - unable to move/refresh

After catching Darkrai and going to heal at the chansey (next to the shop lady) in Erebus city my character become stuck and unable to move. I am unable to use any of the keys that may help (unable to open dexnav/unable to press P) the only keys I can use are for save/auto run/M key. I checked through the forums but cannot see any answers.

I’ve complete the first run through of the E4 so I was hoping I would not have to start a new save file. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Check this: Saved in the middle of a cutscene now my game is frozen! HELP!
If all 3 of your backups fails then make sure to check the last comment in that thread.

I have no idea if this method works but you could try:
(Copy/Paste from Pokemon Insurgence Discord)
“That’s a keyboard buffer issue.”

  • Try mashing down whichever key that got stuck.
  • Disconnect your keyboard if possible(desktop systems).
  • Restart your system.
  • If it’s a wireless keyboard requiring a battery or something similar, try using a new battery, the issue sometime occurs on low battery.
  • Try reinstalling/updating your keyboard drivers.