Can't Battle or Receive Pokémon?

Every time I defeat or catch a Pokémon, or receive a Mystery Gift, the game crashes. This has been happening consistently since downloading the game earlier today. I checked that it is the most recent version of the game, and I can’t seem to find anything wrong. I am playing on Mac, please help.

So I recently downloaded the most recent build of the game (1.2.3). Not wanting to patch, I just moved my save files from 1.1.6 onto the 1.2.3 core. It mostly works fine, except for the fact that the game crashes every time I catch or defeat a Pokemon. Immediately after the battle, I get an error message saying that the game encountered “a serious problem” and it just straight up shuts down.

Can someone tell me what’s going on, and how to fix this dilemma? I’m using a Macbook Pro with Yosemite 10.10.5.

I am also encountering this problem, and have not seen(or at least been told) a way to correct/fix this.

Assuming this is the error you’re getting

Try this first HELP! Game.exe has encountered a serious problem

If that fails and if you don’t mind missing out on some music, you could remove the ME folder, the issue is caused mainly .mid or .midi files.

Well, you can either remove the ME folder or you can replace the audio folder from here, another user converted them all to .wav files. (It’s probably better to run a scan on them first, because I don’t know anything about that user) A miraculous (?) solution to Mac’s mute music

For moving/deleting the ME folder, go to your game files, there should be a folder named ME within the Audio folder.