Can someone spare a delta snivy?

Trading Name: NagKiller

Offer: Nothing of value, sadly not that far into the game

Request: Delta snivy

Further info: Always wanted to use one in a playthrough

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I can, it might have very good IVs so it’s going to be pretty good

Do you want hidden ability or just multiscale

Edit: Do you want an Item too?
Do you want a specific gender? (Some people are pretty picky with that)
A nickname?
Any specific natures?

I would use a neutral nature with Dragon Dance, Outrage, Iron Tail & Aqua Tail with holding the wide lens (because accuracy) as a final moveset for D. Serperior.

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT come up with this moveset. @mapache did not me. This is a very viable moveset & it helped me alot, which is why I wanted to share it with you.

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Why wouldn’t you run like

Adamant nature lifeorb 252 attack 252 speed

Wild charge
D dance

It gives you a chance to flinch, and without the lens you can use life orb and be able to get more dmg off. Plus Iron tail is still unreliable for what it really gives you.

Just my opinion tho

Hello. Do you have another one to spare? I just started playing not long ago and would like to use D.Snivy for the playthrough as well. Thanks in advance.

Yea what nature do you want?

Anything would work, but adamant would be preferable.

alright I’ll let you know once I have it

Thank you very much

Sorry for being late, didnt know when forums were back up

If u had spare HA it would be cool but its not really that big of a deal

Gender and nature are also neglegible

Nickname it Rainmaker if you could


ok epic, I’ll see when I can get you a HA one

So is this fine?

Here it is

Omg its beautiful

(bad grammar edit)

Do you wanr to trade rn?

If you do want to trade rn my trading name is froggi_chair

Am kinda busy for one more hour
(Online class is splitting my brain in 2)

Thank you so much! When will you be free?

I’m actually going to be free for a while maybe like an hour or two so yea