Can someone spare a delta snivy?

I am done with classes, are u up?

yea give me a sec, whats your trading name?


mine is same as my ID, TurtleF

are you online rn?


Im bad at this… do i like send or u will let me know when ;-;

ur the best btw

just login go to trades and type in froggi_chair and it should work

instantly said u exited the trade(?

really? not sure what’s going on, lemme try again

Exited again, tho this time the trade screen showed up for a bit… hum…

really" for me it said you were about to trade pancham

i was but, after a while it just “the user exited the trade”

same for me, let me use my phone for the forums and see if clicking out of insurgence is doing it

Do you have the speed up feature off or on?

oh, its on
do i turn it off?

Yea, see if it makes any difference

done, sending :slight_smile:

Once i offer pancham it stays on “Waiting”

Same, this is super wierd