Can some one lend me a crystal shard

can someone please lend me a crystal shard so can get past Reukra or atlest a really strong pokemon

oops sorry for the commit kinda got angry at for a moment when I got defeated again and I’m guessing what I typed was pretty mean sorry for that

and why do people view my post if they don’t want to respond

Use the move “Livewire” and the battle will be easier. And you haven’t made anyone feel for you with your post. The shards and pokemon you’re talking about are very valuable to most people so you won’t find many willing to trade them without feeling strongly pressured. “Give me this please, I want this” doesn’t have much of a ring to it. I won’t lend mine on the chance you’ll just stop playing this game out of frustration, for instance. Good luck with the reukra battle!

I’m personally much more willing to help you make your team capable of beating the e4 than giving you something that’ll help you once. Teach a man to fish, right?

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I already have live wire and you don’t get it I can’t bye any more items because I’m all out of money I have beaten all the traners and the memory chamber dosent give me money

How come the memory chamber doesn’t give you money? That’s a lie, that’s how I farm ALL my money, using a Pokémon holding an Amulet Coin. Fight the Rich Boys, it’s 7200$ a battle

I kid you not I have try time after time after time I have fought all the trainers again and agian here I will take a pic of my money before the fight and after the fight

Are you playing on 1.2.3? Or some other outdated version?

1.2.3 I get exp but not money then again I might have patched the game rong which might have caused this

idk what’s happening, that’s how I’ve farmed money for a long time now and I’ve done it like 2 mins ago and I’m running 1.2.3. Maybe soemone will help you because that seems a really bad bug

I will after I see if I can figure out what I did wrong myself ok I found out what I did wrong the money program for the game was in the wrong area and I moved back to where its supposed to be

Do you want to post your team? I can give some tips vs reukra. I have pretty much every moveset memorized for the pokemon you’ve got and reukra’s sets are on the wiki. I just need to know what you’ve got going other than delta trevenant and giratina. :smile:

sure give me a second

thunderus/iteam leftovers/live wire,fly,thunder,dark pulse

greninja/iteam water inesence/extrasencory,water shurekien,hydro pump, double team

tyranitar/iteam tyranitar armor/crunch,earthquake,stone egde,gigaimpact

mew/iteam shell bell/frost breath,acient power,anmisia,hypnoises

giratina/iteam spell tag/will o wisp,hex,shadow force, silver wind

delta bishop/iteam delta bisharpnite/power up punch, cross chop, blaze kick,hurricane

are you on easy, normal or hard? These will help no matter what so I’ll just post them first.

thunderus: replace thunder and dark pulse with focus blast and thunderbolt.

greninja: it’s alright for now.

tyranitar: giga impact should be named “I’m dead next turn.” I recommend something else for that slot.

mew: It can get every TM so there are many options. We can tailor it to beat anything you’re having trouble with.

giratina: replace hex or shadow force with something else. no need for so much redundant ghost type coverage vs reukra.

delta bisharp: If you have sky drop, replace hurricane with it. Bisharp doesn’t need special attacks considering its special attack is less than half of its physical attack.

easy and why focus blast

I did it I beat reukra

everything is neutral or weak to focus blast, other than mega flygon. It will will put a major dent into all of them. anyway, the battle will go like this:

Delta bisharp will go out first and ohko tyranitar with cross chop. Then mewtwo will want to come out. Put a bug type move on mew and it will be able to KO mewtwo with no trouble. Then volcarona will come out so bring out tyranitar and use earthquake for a 2hko/ohko. Haxorus will come out, so swap into thudurus and use thunderbolt for the ohko/2hko. Then kyurem which you can focus blast for a 2hko. Thundurus will be KO’d. Now bring out tyranitar to finish it off. Last will be mega flygon which you can KO by just attacking with whatever’s left.

um volcrona has levitate

Huh. the wiki is wrong for easy mode. Hmm. alright, stone edge or rock slide it is.