[Breeding Question] Time of Breeding

How do you measure it? Is it by steps or is it real time? If I close my game and opened it lets say…tomorrow, will I have a chance in getting an egg?

It’s steps, just like in every other Pokemon game

It’s by steps, you have a chance of getting an egg every 256 steps.

That chance is dependant on the parents. Additionally, if you have reached Helios city, you can buy an oval charm in the underground black market to increase the chance.

You’d have to count the steps manually if you want to check exactly every 256 steps which would be tedious. The count starts when there are two compatible pokemon in the daycare iirc.

Alternatively, you can talk to the old man inside the daycare(once every 2 minutes or so in between walking around) who’ll say something along the lines of “There you are, my wife is looking for you” when an egg is available.

p.s.: Breeding guide.

thanks! I already tried the oval charm yesterday, I literally just walked like, a few steps and BAM! I got an egg, which is weird since my pokemon don’t like each other. I wonder how that works…

Anyway, thanks again!

I also checked out that guide a BUNCH of times before making this topic, but I wanted to know if the egg is also affected in real time. Thanks a bunch!