Blastoise for Dratini

Trading Name: SmhVikki

Offer: Lvl. 51 Blastoise

Request: Any level Dratini

Further info:

I can give you a dratini w 2-3 perfect IVs, would you be willing to trade an IV stone instead of ur blastoise? I’ll even train it to a certain lvl with an everstone (so it doesnt evolve) if u want

sure! when would u be ready

no, please dont have an everstone on it but if possible around level 40-55

my trading name is SmhVikki and I have the IV stone on a Toydol. reply when ur ready. :))image

By not giving it an everstone, it would evolve into a dragonair. Are you ok with that?
Also, I’ll be able to get it ready in about 15 mins and my trade name is hulaunicorns.

Oki doki, I have a lvl 44 unevolved dratini ready for you so lmk when :))

Ready now? Sorry for being late.

I have to go to bed now, guess I’ll trade w/ you tomorrow.

Yeah I went to bed lol (I’m in ET)
I’ll be free in about 8 hrs, if that works w u

I am free now for about an hour, will be out for an hour, then will be free again for 3-4 hours after that, so lmk what works for you

is now good?

oh nose sorry! I was free but I didn’t actually have access to my computer :\
I am free now, and my trade name is hulaunicorns

If I still end up missing you, do you have a discord?

yes vikki♡#4272

Ok! I’m on now, if you’re still up we can trade, else I’ll add you on discord and we can arrange another time :))

Up now?

ayyyyy > I’ll get online now


Ahhh floof wait a sec I can’t find my d. golett I made for you

DANG IT i saved RIGHT in front of the battle with the oracle and im stuck ill have to die first