Blastoise for Dratini

hahahahaha oml that’s awesome perfect timing xD
lmk when you’re done I;ll be hatching you a new egg


im ready!!

whats ur username

I’m ready too!
I’ll be online waiting :))


try it again?

wait what ab the dratini

oml sorry cancel itttt

someone else wanted one dw I got you

oo its okay :slight_smile:

lmk when ur ready

ahhh thanks for understanding

sorry haha thats why i didnt find it cuz i was looking for the wrong thing
i’m lookign for it now

its alr man

k its ready :)))

ayyyyy second try xD

thanks sm man

tysm bro. please confirm u got the iv stone tho

Yup I got it! That’s so considerate of you, thanks ^w^

and also love the nickname xD

Anyways, have fun with the dratinit! :)))

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tysm have a lovely day! ^~^

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