Best rock smash

Where is the best place to rock smash and grind IV stones?

Midna Mine is what I used. I don’t farm iv stones though, so there may be a better place.

That’s because you’re an effective as hell breeder, haha. I’ve gotta make that 6IV ditto so I can make some attempts, haha

Afaik, there’s no place with multiple rocks close by convenient for rock smash. There’s a smashable rock right next to the entrance in whirl islands but I don’t really prefer that cause the flashes are distracting. It’s still one of the best though, since the rock is located right next to the entrance. Some people prefer the meloetta puzzle in Helios sewers since you can climb down and go back up immediately using the fan. Samsara cave is similar in that the smashable rock is near the entrance iirc. Most people just pick one rock anywhere and soft reset after smash. Be careful of soft resetting while on top of the rock though.

Edit: In regards to Helios sewers and Samsara cave, instead of soft resetting, people exit and re-enter. Disregard Samsara cave, it’s way too far from the entrance. Could be used if you haven’t reached Helios and don’t want to soft reset while smashing.

Not sure if you knew about this already, but you could just refresh the map every time. This way you can stock up on the other things as well such as heart scales.

I’ve been using a spot in the west of Koril Town (just south of the stock market building) where there are 5 breakable rocks and a nearby house for quick resetting. Hope this helps :slight_smile: