Best possible team for now?

i beat 4 gyms so far

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Delta ruin, Keldeo, Delta Volcarona, togekiss for cheese, delta Hydreigon, and a Pokémon of your choice

if you have calm mind and mega stone for venusaur it’s OP AF

i dont have a mega stone bc randomizer so rip

delta luxray is a decent hazard setter and dangerous to fairy types

oh ye btw i got a delta axew


wait nvm i got one

What mega stones do you have?

altarnite, delta char, delta vena, delta pidjeot, steelix (fire), char x, gallade, diancite, haxorite, tyranitar, audinite, flygonite, kangashkan, delta scizor, mewtwo y, char y, glatite, meganiumite, aggronite, jirachite, spirittombite, delta lopunite, delta glalite, and last but not least salamenceite, forogt metagrossite (ruin)

I would say Mega Delta Ruingross, Mewtwo, Delta Hydreigon, Delta Volcarona, Keldeo and probably Zekrom.