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Best moveset for Mew?

What’s the best moveset for Mew?

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uhm, I’m not sure. but it depends on the nature and what did you want the mew do


I prefer running the following set for Mew
Mew @Leftovers
252 HP/Speed
Bold Nature
Swords Dance/Nasty Plot
Psychic/ Any Other Coverage Move/Cosmic Power
Baton Pass


First, I think this should go in Team Discussions for future notice. Second, if you want competitive tips, I know @PeterHolmes74 is always willing to help.

Mew is one of those Pokemon that can go any way you want. If you want a stat stacker (like @GiaPeNiw’s build) you can do that. If you want a sweeper, it can do that too. Basically, what set would best fit your team?


Well, it can do pretty much anything. It won’t excel either, but will shurely do the job.

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well, normally I just use mew for a baton pass sweep bc it’s funny so it’d be like

max hp and speed

  • barrier/amnesia
  • calm mind/bulk up
  • baton pass
  • roar/double team/rock polish/substitute

for a serious set you could use

mew @leftovers/focus sash
max hp and speed/spdef/def

  • spikes
  • stealth rock
  • defog/endeavor
  • heal bell/psychic/knock off

of course I made these on the spot so they might be not as refined as you’d expect


Mine is Space mew@lum berry

  1. psychic
  2. aura sphere
  3. me first
  4. nasty plot

I usually just spam nasty plot until sp.atk maxes out then just obliterate the opponents with psychic and aura sphere. Me first is reserved for especially difficult fights

That was over almost a year ago.

Yea i know

So then why’d you post