Best mega

what is the best mega? (your opinion)

IMO, it’s eevee. It is very versatile and can cover its weaknesses

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I agree

what do you think about delta megas?

i mean like which is best to u?

and i got another question which unofficial mega will be a great staller

Best delta mega is probably gonna be metagross or something due to its amazing stats. Best mega staller is probably d venusaur

I haven’t played much Competitive Pokemon, but throughout most of the game, Mega Delta Charizard has been my only Mega. Its been doing well for itself, as its movepool allows it to cover most of the threats I send it against.

The strongest Insurgence Mega is probably Flygon or Chatot. Both have drastically increased special attack and speed stats and the ability Amplifier, which makes their attacks hit extremely hard. I’d probably say Flygon because it’s fast but Chatot has the advantage of amazing STABs to abuse Amplifier with.

I personally like Hydreigon, it did get defense bumps if I’m not mistaken.

yeah same question how much heads can he get?

Up to 9.

Well it’s a Primal Form not a Mega, but Primal Giratina is pretty awesome. Oh and incredibly broken. I almost solo’ed Hard E4 rematch with a Lv.104 Primal Giratina plus small contributions Blue Orb Kyogre at Lv.111 and all others (Mewtwo, Tyranitar, Scizor) at Lv.103. It completely destroyed their teams even though it was 4-7 lvls below, Omnitype is awesome.

yeah ik but i dont like counting legendarys

but primal regigigas with giga impact DESTROY everything

How do you evolve Regigas to Primal Regigigas? Is it using a Crystal Piece?


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Judging just by stats, moves, and how they did in game I’d say Mega D. Metagross (Ruin) is the most promising.

For a staller I’d go with Mega Milotic. D.Venusaur, Spider Metagross, and D. Milotic are amazing walls as well, but better in regular form imo.

yeah thanks I was thinking of using Milotic

what about meganium?

haven’t tried it. But it sounds nice I guess. If it fits your team go for it.

Mega Meganium is pretty passive. Even though it does has amazing defenses, it’s probably worse as a tank than Mega Delta Venusaur. While it doesn’t get Magic Bounce, it’s far less passive and can put in some work as a Calm Mind offensive tank.

I want to make a full stall team but only with pokemon insurgence’s pokemon

stall everyone

Chansey is an unrivaled Special Defense wall, so it’s pretty much mandantory on stall. Insurgence doesn’t have that many full stall Pokemon.