Barren Grotto

I’ve just resumed Insurgence after some time of absence and I have run across what appears to be a bug in the hidden grotto on route 8.

For the past couple of days at least it’s been barren, not even spawning an item.

I’ve caught a Spritzee in this grotto and have spawned multiple others, as well as I, want to say Swirlix so can confirm that I did not experience this issue prior to 1.2.5 and now I’ve just upgraded to the latest 1.2.7 and it’s persisting.

This is only the first day that has naturally passed since I started noticing this but I’ve attempted to change the date on my laptop several times both today and yesterday to no effect.
I thought I read somewhere that changing the date/time on one’s PC doesn’t work but a response in the following thread has lead me to question my memory:

(Note: the above thread pertains to this same issue with the route 9 grotto but I’ve checked that one and got a Full Restore so my route 9 grotto seems to be fine).

The Wiki also implies that a grotto should never be empty.

" Hidden Grotto is a feature in Pokémon Insurgence that allows the player to catch rare Pokémon or find some uncommon items. The contents of the Hidden Grottoes are random, and they will regenerate after 12 hours of real time have passed since the player’s last visit inside of the grotto."

This description does not specify that no spawn is a legit possibility.

Unfortunately, the one Pokemon I had failed to spawn before this issue begun was the most important one, Delta Munchlax and I started the game too late for the Mystery Gift one. So this issue is keeping me from being able to obtain that Pokemon.

Hmm, I don’t know much about the code of this game, as I haven’t looked into rpg maker much, but if it’s delta munchlax you want, you can ask crimsoncrim or thepotato on their threads.

I’ll keep that in mind thanx.

usually these time based events can be messed up of you ever change the time on your device, think, pokepon, grottoes, some delta events and whatnot. Have you changed the time before the grotto broke?

Not with this game open, no.

pretty sure that can still bug it iirc

Well crap. That’s quite inconvenient. I play other RGSS games, I’m sure most of us do and I’ve changed the time to get affects in those games.
Can I fix it?

Don’t think so. In a way it’s kinda a penalty for cheating/exploiting.

A bit unfair that it works that way since as I said I’ve used time minor exploits in other RGSS games but never in Insurgence.

TY all.