Armored Mewtwo v3 and Delta Charizard Line Mods

Recently, I revisited my old Armored Mewtwo sprite and like always, ended up touching it up a bit. This was the result:

Honestly, I wanted a less frontal sprite and while the new one doesn’t have the impact that the older one had (Mewtwo looking directly at the player instead of looking at the pokemon it is battling/the trainer), it does gain in accuracy to the original design, the backsprite, the overworld sprite and the icons. While it also fits better with the pokemon style.

Download the Armored Mewtwo v3 mod here

EDIT: Or now download the one with the action pose battler sprite here.

Since I choose Delta Charizard as my starter (the prospects of Mega Eevee might have been tempting, but how can I resist an undead dragon?), I ended up touching up his evo line.

Charmander received minor aesthetic changes (a few more details, making the backsprite, icon and overworld sprite closer to the battlesprite), etc. Charmeleon had all of that done, plus I removed his blade-ish/bone protuberances(?), since they clogged up his and Charizard’s design too much for my preferences. I changed Delta Charmeleon’s colors with Charizard’s, mostly to keep the standard Charmander line theme were Charmander has the lightest coloring, Charmeleon is the darkest of the three and Charizard’s colors are in-between. And partly because I wanted a lighter Charizard, since the original Insurgence darker colors got a bit messy and hid details on complex sprites such as Delta Charizard or Mega Delta Charizard (when compared to the likes of Charmeleon). Charizard received more details, protuberance removal, lighter color change and icon/overworld/backsprite fixes. Plus shiny color changes for the whole line.

Update: Got around to Mega Delta Charizard.

There is an option to download the pack with a bigger backsprite

Or a smaller backsprite

Download the Delta Charizard Evolution Line mod with the bigger Mega Delta Charizard sprite here

Download the Delta Charizard Evolution Line mod with the smaller Mega Delta Charizard sprite here


I really like these sprites,and i just love your shiny delta charizard. why dont you revisit mega delta char too? i think it will be amazing :smile: good job man!

I like the changes to delta Charizard line, details much more visible and I like the shiny recolor too, just need the mega redone to really use them :slightly_smiling:

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Alright, so Ubah96 and Gustkraken, I’m having a problem deciding which would you like better:

Something similar in size to what you have now,

Or something smaller?

To make it fit into actual 4gen sizes, I’d have to remake the whole thing from scratch :unamused:

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I personally like the larger one.

Oh man…the mega dcharizard is amazing And i Like the bigger one too! :slightly_smiling: Will you touch other Pokemon sprites?

Meh, the Armored Mewtwo Front Sprite looks Meh imo. Though I do like the Delta Charmander Line much better then the original.

Downloaded and installed, they look awesome :smiley:

Maybe, probably when I find something while playing that I want to modify for some reason. I’m currently looking at Mega Marowak and making Team Rocket clothes for the player.

Could you be more specific on what you dislike about it? Personally, I didn’t like my previous version (which is technically in-game) due to being to frontal when compared to the style of sprites that pokemon games use. The advantage with this one is that I pretty much can move around the armor and use (or make) new poses for Mewtwo on the fly.

I just don’t like the front sprite where he looks like he’s flying. He’s wearing armor so I feel like he shouldn’t look like he’s ready to go prancing into a cave with nothing but gumdrops and ice cream. But that’s just me.

Well, my intention was to make him appear to be floating, so I got that right. Although I don’t see where you get your idea that the "armor+levitation=prancing around/not threatening enough…

Still, taking into account he is not even available in game yet, I suppose I could have an “action pose” option of sorts for whenever he comes out.

Cause “Armor+Levitation=Less Movement” but that’s my opinion. Honestly I think all armors should debuff speed when equipped, though I’m not sure if they do already or not. Also I don’t know if Armored Mewtwo will be released to Insurgence due to it being a remnant sprite from Zeta/Omnicron, but most likely he might.

Considering Mewtwo is a legendary and can fly using psychic powers, I highly doubt a little bit of armor would make him unable to.

is it usable in insurgence armored mewtwo

how to use a mod

Not yet, I made this mod just to “fix” my previous attempts at making a sprite appropriate for armored Mewtwo.

You can use the mod by decompressing the .zip folder previously provided and dropping the files inside into your Pokemon Insurgence Graphics folder.

i love the mewtwo sprites :slight_smile: i’m not such a big fan of the delta charmander line fixups though, it’s still good nonetheless :slight_smile:

What do you think about this then?

Glad to see [finally] a differing opinion in regards to that. Although maybe its because Delta Char is accessible while Mewtwo isn’t…

Still, any specific issues?


Your update is even better! :smiley: However, I think I needs more “normal mewtwo legs”, rather than just spreaded.

I love the back sprite best. Don’t change a THING! :smile:

Also, its not beause of availability or opinion, btw

Well, I didn’t want to “borrow” some legs from an official sprite and slap them on him in the first place. Still, the good thing is changing the legs is just as easy as changing the arms and the tail.

Actually I changed a little bit on the headcable highlights. It’s not visible in the image on the OP, but I did put it in the pack.

Oh, I meant that in regards to the quantity of opinions/comments for Delta Char over Mewtwo.

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