Anyone has a spare Master Ball?

Trading Name: PiaZiaMia

Offer: Ask me below

Request: Master Ball

Further info: I want to catch Arceus, but I keep failing to catch it. Can someone help me?

sonata tracks?

if u get sponsored by the Devon Corp, you have a 0.47% chance to get a Master Ball after every race, so just save right before u get ur rewards and soft reset until u get a Master Ball

Also, if u pick the Ice Path to race on, the NPCs will almost always get stuck, meaning its very easy to win

I tried, but my luck sucks.

Why did you use both of your master balls?

I now know your name

Parker. DUH.

Didn’t read your profile until now

Refer to this

I accidentally used them. Now I need help. PLEASE

HELP pwease

Once I have the master ball I would like a shiny


It has Jolly Nature so you can run a physical set.


No thanks

shore i’ll take that

You have Master Ball?

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