Anyone has a perfect IV bulbasaur?

Trading Name: CailieAnn

Offer: Any deltas, still playing the storyline so hoping to have one in my run.

Request: Good IV Bulbasaur

Further info: Hope any kind soul can trade me

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I’m cooking one up right now. Just have to catch one first…
The only starter I haven’t caught yet…

Also, do you want any specific nature? They’re a nightmare to get… (except when breeding of course)

Hi! No specific nature needed! Thank you so much

Let me know when you can trade!

Is this little guy desirable? I assumed you’re going for a nonphyscial set, so I made it bold.

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If you want it, I’ll be ready to trade in 2 and a half hours. Doesn’t have to be immediately then, I have loads of time.

Do you live in the EST time zone? If so, I live in CET. I can do 5 pm EST at latest and 12 pm EST earliest.

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Thanks for getting back. Let’s go by CET since that is your time zone. We can trade at 10 am CET time? Would you like the Haxorite in return?

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I could trade anytime now if you are available

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Any Pokémon holding the Haxorite?

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You want a Perfect instead? Got one from a spare egg

No worries, ahahah Don’t need to be perfect

Do you have shinies Pokémon by the way?


I have to hurry

Trade name is Noct’urna

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Thank you!

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